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First Dating Ethics in Various Countries, Have You Ever Known about That?



Traveling abroad means studying a new culture, one of them are First Dating Ethics in Various Countries. Who is looking for a partner is likely to meet his soul mate, as long as they want to follow the rules of dating in the country. The language learning app, Babbel, recently released a survey of dating procedures in each country. Hopefully, tourists who come can understand the customs there, so it can get a lot of friends.

Each country certainly has different cultures, customs and languages. In fact, the tradition in terms of each country's romance is also different. Let's identify the romantic traditions of different countries esepecially in case First Dating Ethics in Various Countries through the following reviews.

The survey is divided into several categories, ranging from how to greet people to paying the bill for dinner. Here is the facts of First Dating Ethics in Various Countries you should know:

To welcome new people, residents in France, the Netherlands and Brazil usually kiss the right side and left cheek. While in Spain, Italy, and Australia just kissed it on one side. While embracing a way to welcome new people in Germany, Poland, the United States, and Canada.


First Dating Ethics in Various Countries required both kissing cheeks and embracing of course become a strange thing for the people of Asia, because they usually welcome new people by shaking hands. People in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, prefer to say hello when welcoming new people. In order to order wine, French, Spanish, Russian, prefer to order it in a bottle. In contrast to Swedish, Polish, Brazilian, and Norwegian residents who usually order in a glass. Meanwhile, residents of the United States prefer to order beer on the first date.

In Cambodia we know about Love Hut, parents of the Kreung tribe usually build love hut for their teenage daughters. Then the men will go into the love hut to get to know the woman and spend the night with her. This young woman will continue to meet different men until she finds the man she wants to marry.

Regarding the topic of conversation, French, German, Spanish, Canadian, and Poladia are reluctant to talk about ex-lovers. Spaniards, Germans and Italians are also lazy about money, religion and politics. At the end of the meeting, most agreed that the bill could be paid in a joint venture. But men in Brazil prefer to pay for their date. Whereas in Russia, people who ask for a date have to pay the bill.

Speaking of the opportunity to meet new people while traveling abroad, maybe Berlin city in Germany could be the next tourist destination. The reason, according to a survey conducted Expat Explorer Survey, Berlin topped the list of cities full of art and culture and diversity. In the same list there are also cities of Buenos Aires (Argentina), London (England), New York (United States), and Paris (France). Have you ever seen a movie where a dating couple put a padlock together somewhere? Well, in Europe there are many places to install this love locks. Couples will buy a padlock, write their initials on the padlock, and then put it on a bridge or other building. Installing these love locks is to show their love to the world as part of First Dating Ethics in Various Countries.


Source : Yulibu Blog

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